1No local growing
No one in the community is currently growing plants. Looking to create partnerships.
2Potted plants and home gardens prove community interest.
Community is showing interest in gardening and growing plants/food. No coordinated effort is present.
3Schools, Band garden, larger scale box gardens
Educational opportunity to few members through small group efforts in growing.
4Community garden
Public areas that expand the education opportunity to everyone in the community. Build a local food economy.
5Community garden with Hoop house
A culture of growing is now engrained in the community with larger gardens that support its growing capacity. Hoophouses allow the community to start growing earlier during the year and for longer.
6Community garden with Greenhouse and hydroponics
Year-round and commercial greenhouses in the community allow growers to start thinking about large scale food processing and distribution. Self suficient operations can be attained easily, community can start planning steps to attain self sustainability.
7Advance Greenhouses + small livestock
Addition of locally raised fresh protein through aquaponics, rabbit or chicken farming. Growing helps to offset the community need to fly in feed making it economic feasible.
8Large scale farming
Community is self staining their needs and excess can stored for winter or sold to other communities for profit. Larger livestock can be supported. Can support and mentor other communities.
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