ASM Innovations is dedicated to not only providing superior products, but also the training and education required to run them. Our success is directly derived from the success of our clients, so not only is it something that we strongly believe in, it also is something that is required for our business to succeed.

STEM Learning:

ASM is committed to providing technological solutions to issues faced by northern communities as well as others in Canada. As part of that drive, ASM recognizes that providing technology without the requisite training and education provides only short term solutions that will eventually turn into a long term problem.

One of the main facets of any new technology is electronics and programming. To assist teachers, kids or adults to learn the basics of electronics and programming, ASM has designed two cool electronics kits that will not only facilitate the learning process, but encourage it as well.

The POWERBOARD is essentially a bullet proof bread board that includes a power supply, voltmeter and potentiometer. What this does is allow users to learn the basics of electronics without having to buy $200+ in equipment. The POWERBOARD is a durable unit that houses the internal circuits and allows users to plug and play to learn electronics. The POWERBOARD is very simple in terms of functions, but is complex in its capabilities. Due to the inherent mobility and durability, users will be able to pick up their boards and go, without having to worry about breaking expensive and fragile equipment. The POWERBOARDS are currently in prototype testing and will be refined prior to mass production.

The second really exciting electronics tool is for teachers, and without giving too much away, will simplify and ‘electrify’ classes that are usually hard to teach! Product is undergoing design review and a prototype will be available at the Spring of 2017.

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